CS408 Assignment No:1 Solution

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Assignment No. 1
Semester: SPRING 2011
CS408 : Human Computer Interaction

Total Marks: 10

Due Date:
April 18, 2011
To learn and understand basic concepts of HCI, HCI Goals and Evolution, and Cognitive Framework.
Please read the following instructions carefully before solving & submitting assignment:
Assignment should be in your own wordings not copied from net, handouts or books.
It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit (zero marks) if:

o        The assignment is submitted after due date.
o        The submitted assignment does not open or file corrupt.
o        The assignment is copied (from other student or copy from handouts or internet).
o        Student ID is not mentioned in the assignment File or name of file is other than student ID.

For any query about the assignment, contact at cs408@vu.edu.pk


a = Mobile User
b = Mobile Communication Tower
c = Controlling Device
d = Car

      Communication from USER to CAR
       Communication from CAR to USER

**   Controlling Device is installed in Car

A Controlling Device is installed in a car to remotely control vehicle from a large distance. The purpose of system is to lock/unlock/freeze/unfreeze your vehicle, when ever you needed from just a text message from your mobile number (s). This device is also helpful for preventing unauthorized use of the car too.

Controlling device contains SIM card in it to communicate with user. It receives messages from user and then performs appropriate actions on user commands.

Procedure (Working)

  1. User type command from his / her mobile phone, just like we type a message in it.
  2. Send message on SIM card inserted in controlling device.
  3. By using mobile tower communication (as we uses from our cell operators), message is received by controlling device.
  4. Controlling Device verifies sender number. If not verified then discard the message received. If number (s) verified then parse (read) command written in it.
  5. Controlling device sent a command to car for a requested action.
  6. If operation / task successful / unsuccessful, a message is sent back to user about task completion status.
Commands (By User)

    • LOCK CAR (Description: All doors locked)
    • LOCK DOOR # (Description: # = 1,2,3,4)
    • FREEZE (Description: Freeze the car by turning off engine)
    • IS LOCK (Description: Is all doors of the car locked or not)

Response of Commands (By Controlling Device)

If operation successful
If operation not successful


Q1: From HCI perspective, when you communicate with device / car, what type of problem (s) or limitation (s) you may face in respect of messaging performed by device. Provide examples too.                              (Marks = 3)
Q2: Also provide solution (s) or alteration (s) in commands / messages described above (for successful and unsuccessful operations) to overcome problem (s) found by your selves.                                                  (Marks = 7)

ü      Be precise in your answer
ü      No dedicated communication channel is allocated for this user / device
ü      Keep network behavior / delays, in communication

Your assignment must be uploaded on VULMS on or before April 18, 2011.

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